1 = 2

Who’s up for a challenge? Every $1 you give this month becomes $2! A family has very generously offered to match all donations from now until Thanksgiving!!! They are matching up to $2,000! You’re $10 will be matched with $10 which puts your name on a puzzle piece and a raffle ticket!


*There is an optional “tip” added to each donation which you can feel free to opt out of. It’s not required but does help keep the donation site going.



Worth a Thousand Words


I know you’re all waiting to see his picture but fist…

Have you heard about our Puzzle Piece Fundraiser? Here’s how it works…

$20=a puzzle piece with your name on it!


We sell all the puzzle pieces=we’re fully funded!

1 puzzle piece=1 raffle ticket!

I have a stack of DVDs and gift cards that have been donated for this raffle!!! There will also be a grand prize drawing at the end of our fundraiser. Drawings will take place every 2 weeks!

Our first raffle item is a Despicable Me blu ray!!!

Click on over here to see the MOST ADORABLE PUZZLE EVER!!!

P.S. There is an optional “tip” added to each donation which you can feel free to opt out of. It’s not required but does help keep the site going.

A Million Thanks

thank you photography

How do you thank someone that hands you a stack of cash?  Does this fundraising thing get any less awkward? All you can do is put your hand out and say, “thank you.” Over the weekend my friend Liz from Third Strand Photography held a fundraiser for us. She and her team spent hours checking people in and taking photos. And while most of us were sleeping last night, she was probably up, sifting through hundreds of photos and getting them ready to send out.

When I was in Girl Scouts we would sing this song…

“Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.”

Liz is one of my golden friends. Please take a minute and check out her amazing work!

Beijing Butterfly

We’re bringing home a Beijing Butterfly! Our little guy was born with EB and today happens to be the first day of EB awareness week! Epidermolysis Bullosa. Say what?! What the heck is EB? It’s a rare genetic connective tissue disorder that about 1 in 20,000 babies are born with each year. Because EB can cause the skin to be very fragile, like a butterfly wing, children with EB are known as Butterfly children. You can check out the DEBRA foundation if you are interested in learning more about EB. 

Adopt with us!


Because it’s so important and needed and scary and amazing and challenging! What are you waiting for? Timing is such an interesting thing. A few years ago when we started “seriously” talking about adoption, we had a short list of things that needed to happen before we were ready to adopt. And faster than I ever imagined, the items on the list were checked off. It was as if The Creator wiped away our list and said, “Now what?” How could we say “no”, or “not now”? So we said “yes!” to the adventure and started on the road of adoption. And I think you should join us! My BFF from pre-school put out a challenge a few months ago, the “Waiting Children Challenge” I encourage you to take the challenge. It’s really simple. It won’t cost a cent. You may even learn something. Even if you can’t adopt, you can still be part of adoption. Take the challenge.