56% & Puzzle Piece Giveaway!!!

Hi Friends! We’ve spent several busy weeks doing paperwork and fundraising. I am happy to say that we are 56% funded!!! I am finally announcing our Puzzle Piece Givaway winners for January and February! Here they are…

Beethoven 5 movie collection- Melinda Williamson

$10 Target gift card- Jessica Guy

Tooth Fairy DVD- Melinda Williamson

$10 Jamba Juice gift card- Jessie Hughes

AND to celebrate being past the 50% mark in our fundraising, we drew a name for a $50 Anthropologie gift card- Jessie Hughes

$50 Anthropologie gift card to celebrate passing the %50 mark!!!



Sometimes We Wait…

Waiting for Documents

Here’s a picture of us waiting at the County Clerk for some documents. The adoption process is full of waiting. We are currently waiting for our homestudy to be finished up. We have completed all of our social worker visits!!! Hooray!!! No matter what stage of adoption, we always seem to be waiting on something. So here’s to waiting


30% & Happy New Year!


This post is LONG overdue! Thanks for being patient! We are super excited to tell you that we are 30% funded!!!

The next step in our process is a home visit from our social worker and then to finish up our homestudy. The stack of paperwork is mounting and we can’t wait to send it off to China! It would be amazing to be in China this Spring, but it will be a while before we know our travel dates. 

Puzzle piece supporters, I have not forgotten about you! I apologize for being so late on these 2 raffle drawings! Kit Parsons (Starbucks) and Liz Campbell (The Sound of Music) are our winners!!! 

sound of music

AND because it’s New Year’s Eve we drew a 3rd name! Megan Sim’s you won this lovely journal 🙂


Thankful & Grateful


How do I begin to say thank you? Last night we met our matching goal of $2,000 and went over! That means in one month we’ve raised over $4,000!!! We are Thankful & Grateful for everyone’s generosity. We still have a long ways to go but I’m confident that we will have all of the funds when we need them.  I hope you all enjoy a happy, healthy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 


If your name wasn’t picked in our last raffle, I have great news for you! At our next drawing we are picking 2 tickets!!! A very generous family is matching every donation (up to $2,000) through Thanksgiving. We have reached $520 of the $2,000 so far. Now is your chance to make a huge impact! Have you heard about our Puzzle Piece Fundraiser? For every $20 donation, your name will be put on the back of a puzzle piece. Once all of the pieces have been claimed, our adoption will be fully funded!  As a fun bonus we will also write your name on a raffle ticket and you will have chances to win prizes every 2 weeks. Here are the prizes we will draw tickets for on 11/24/15…

prise…a Disney Earth DVD and a $25 Target Gift Card!

100% of your donations are tax deductible!!!


Thank You To Spain And Back Again!


The day our family received news that we were pre-approved to adopt, this little guy, I got a message from a friend in Spain, offering to host a Beauty Counter Party for us as a fundraiser. She wanted to give me ALL of her commissions! I didn’t even know what Beauty Counter was but I didn’t care. I was so delighted that she thought of us and was so willing to support our adoption! Very quickly she set up this online party and we invited people. There was a good turn out and several ladies purchased beauty products. In the end my dear friend Jessica donated $200, which was all of her commissions plus more! That $200 will be DOUBLED  by a generous family who is matching all donations through Thanksgiving!!! To top it off, I received a FREE item and I can tell you Beauty Counter products are amazing! I would recommend them to anyone looking for safe skincare. Jessica, we are Thankful & Grateful for you!!!


Where Does The Money Go???


Why is adoption so expensive?                                                                                           When talking about adoption, the matter of money often comes up. Most people agree that it’s expensive but few people seem to understand why. And many are curious about where the money goes. Simply put, it goes many places. To be totally honest, I’m still figuring out where it all goes. Our agency, Lifeline, is very upfront and transparent about costs. Anyone can view the Fee Schedule for the China program right from their website. They estimate the total fees to be $35,832.50 before the tax credit. This amount is only an estimate because there are many variables that can affect the bottom line. Medical reports and background checks vary by insurance and state. The cost of travel can vary greatly depending on the time of year and number of people in your group. In the end it should cost us $35k, give or take a few hundred dollars.

Here’s a breakdown of what we have spent to date…

  • Agency Application Fee $250
  • Lifeline China Program Fee $2,838.75
  • Nightlight Home Study 1st Payment $1,000
  • Legal Documents Needed For Dossier $355.50
  • Chart Review by Adoption Specialist $150
  • In Class Training Required For Home Study $200
  • Background Checks $100.50
  • Livescan $178
  • Passport Photos $21.56
  • Online Education For Home Study $70
  • CPR/First Aid Certification $70
  • Passport Renewals $220
  • Required Reading Materials $45

$5,499.31 !      

                          Ouch! That was painful! But seriously, what is money compared to the life of a child? Money will be spent on cars, homes, credit cards, vacations, you fill in the blank. We have chosen to spend a great deal of money to bring a little boy home from China. And we are thankful for the many people are helping us along the way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


Hooray!!! We’ve past the 10% mark in our fundraising!!!


Thank you for supporting us!!! It’s overwhelming to look at the total amount needed for this adoption, yet so encouraging to see friends, family and even strangers rally behind us. Every little bit adds up and we are thankful.

Here’s the breakdown by fundraiser if you’re interested…

  • 1 Big yard sale + several online sales $2,000
  • Third Strand Photography $580
  • Checks received randomly by mail $750
  • Puzzle Pieces $635 and still counting!

That’s $3,965!!!


 Our Thanksgiving Challenge is still happening! Double your tax deductible donation here!